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Functional medicine is often for chronic, unresolved conditions.  The following conditions are just some of the complaints that we see on a regular basis, included but not limited to these.  Most conditions can be addressed from a similar vantage point in functional medicine.

Becoming A Healthier You

We spend a lot of time looking at your whole health history, any triggers or traumas that you may have had, the toxins in your life, gut health, hormone regulation, stress, nutrition as well as your genetics.  We incorporate all of this into our plan utilizing modern diagnostics and a team of providers.

Genetics may predispose you to a certain condition, however, your lifestyle is the trigger.  We can help you with a personalized lifestyle plan to provide optimal results and long term improvements.  We think that you deserve better health.

We Can Help

Thyroid Conditions

Family Medicine


Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease

Chronic Fatigue (I don’t feel good-itis)

Mood Disorders/Anxiety/Depression

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Lyme Disease and co-infections

Neurobehavioral Disorders