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Traveling Here

Traveling to our office is an option that many patients choose.  We are proud to provide many services under one roof for ease of care, consistency and to provide a collaborative approach to health.

Many patients travel from out of the area, out of the state and sometimes out of the country to see us.  We have found that patients are becoming their own advocates due to the lack of good care in their area.  We offer a full team approach to health and take time getting to know patients.  We learn about your health history, genetics, emotional history and provide an experience that most patients haven’t seen before.  We provide warm, compassionate care and incorporate what we believe to be the important aspects of your health.  We are happy to help you make accommodations for your stay in the area during your visits.

Sometimes patients will travel to the area and stay for two to three weeks.  At your first visit, we can draw your labs and help provide whatever treatments your care team recommends during your stay, ending with your second appointment with your Functional Medicine Doctor reviewing your labs and developing your personalized plan.

Holiday Inn Express Harrisburg SW – Mechanicsburg hotel directly behind the office, we can provide pick up to come to office from here.

Harrisburg airport, Uber, taxis

Local food choices:  Wegmans, Black and Bleu, Bangkok Wok, Neato Burrito, Chipotle, Healthy You Cafe in Enola