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The Hand of Health by Dr. Chris Turnpaugh

In this video, Dr. Turnpaugh discusses one of his most commonly used teaching methods, the hand of health. The hand of health is a helpful tool to understand the balance of health and the role lifestyle plays in obtaining optimal wellness. The foundations of health are how and when you eat, how and when you sleep, and how and when you move, represented by the pinky, ring, and middle finger, respectively. The pointer finger represents which supplements you take to help support your foundation and all the way at the end, the thumb represents what medications you take. Unfortunately, many times in America, the hand is inverted and the first step people take is medications, without a healthy foundation you will never experience optimal health. The hand also represents reaching out with care and compassion, keeping the community, at large, in good health as well. The hand of health is an easy metaphor for anyone to picture so they can understand what goes into achieving optimal health.