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Welcome to The Turnpaugh Talks Podcast!

In this first episode of the podcast, we sit down with Tara Yount to talk about her history in the medical world and her role/love for functional medicine at Turnpaugh Health & Wellness.

Tara built her foundation as a floor nurse in a hospital. One day, she woke up with such terrible back pain she couldn’t even move. After a while, she got back surgery. Tara didn’t want to go back to hospital nursing but didn’t feel like she had a choice. She was a single mother of 4 children at the time and needed a way to provide for her family. When she was released to go back to work after surgery, she was hit by a car and had 8 broken bones. She saw this as a sign from the universe that she was not meant to go back to floor nursing.  After a year of recovery, she went back to hospital nursing anyways because she needed to provide for her family. Tara was there for 3 months on a Med Surg floor until she got punched in the sternum and never came back. While searching for a new job, she found Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center (THWC), which she hadn’t even heard of prior to this job search. When she came to THWC and interviewed to be an IV nurse, she realized she actually went to high school with Heather Turnpaugh, COO of THWC. With this connection, and after meeting all the staff and learning about the services that are offered at this practice, she knew this was the place for her. She had actually never done an IV before coming to the practice but she quickly figured it out. She fell in love with the way the staff cares so deeply for not only their patients but also for each other. 

Tara sees a lot of patients who have Lyme disease, cancer patients who want to support their immune system, and other patients who just want to achieve their optimal health and avoid the cold and flu. A lot of these people have been on quite a journey to get to Tara. They have struggled with getting stuck many times before they come to her, giving them anxiety when they see the needle. She will take any measures she has to in order to make her patients feel as comfortable as possible, including bringing in other practitioners in the office to help relax the patient. Because Tara gets to be with these people for usually at least an hour at a time, she builds a strong relationship with her patients. She has a way of making everyone laugh and feels happy, even those who haven’t truly laughed in years. There is a sense of community in the IV room, everyone pulls each other up and encourages one another that they will get better. Some of the patients have been activists in their community for others dealing with the same condition as they are. The IV room is a place to go for a pick-me-up, there is always joy and laughter exuding from the room, and this is due to Tara spreading her compassionate, loving energy to everyone around her. Hope is always there, you just have to choose to see it, and when Tara’s around everyone sees it.

People come to Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center to be heard. They receive continuous support and their practitioners won’t stop until they have figured out what the problem is. There have been many patients who were told there was nothing wrong with them and were labeled as a psych case. A lot of them actually turn out to have a chronic illness. Tara wanted to be able to help everyone in a wholistic way. Because of this, she is training in anthroposophy nursing, which is wholistic nursing. This involves looking at your spirt, mind, body, and soul and how they are integrating into this world and reacting to it. Anthroposophy uses a lot of alternative treatment methods. Tara is also going back to school to be a family nurse practitioner, she continues to learn and grow so she can provide her patients with the best health care possible.