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How To Be a Movement Warrior [Newsletter]


To make sure your body never gets too comfy with your workout, you might want to abide by the FIIT principle. It stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type-the 4 factors that determine the stress you put on your body during a workout. Changing up any of them “surprises” and challenges your body in a new way that will burn more calories and increase metabolism as long as your body is forced to adapt to a challenging workout.


High intensity interval training is where you benefit from the “afterburn” effect, which steady-state cardio won’t give you. You can burn up to 40% more calories throughout the day. Slim –without the gym: Implement a program called NEAT (Non– Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)-the term for everyday activities that stimulate your metabolism. It requires you to find more active ways to hack your exercise habits. When going from lying down to sitting in a chair while fidgeting, you’ll burn 25% more calories. Toe-tapping and raising your heals while seated not only are NEAT exercises, they also work the muscles of the lower legs.

Count your steps

Easily add steps to almost every daily activity. Park farther away from the store, take an extra lap around the store, or walk the field at your kids’ sporting events. Extra steps add up to significant benefits.

Move anywhere. Make the most of your time while standing in line or anywhere you’re waiting with nothing else to do. Contract your buttocks, contract your core muscles, or balance your weight on one foot. Find opportunities to move: Dance as if you were 16 again, jog in place in between commercials. You can burn up to 45 calories in 5 minutes. Do leg exercises and lift hand weights while you watch your favorite show. Hover just above your chair in a squat position for 15 seconds every hour.

Add 10, Whatever your current activity level is, add 10 more minutes a day. Add 10 more reps to your exercise routine. Take 2 fiveminute walk breaks during your workday. If you hit 5 days a week, that is an extra 50 minutes weekly activity! It all adds up.

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