Dr. Ross Marchegiani Dives Deeper | Turnpaugh Talks Ep. 4

In this episode of Turnpaugh Talks, Dr. Turnpaugh sits down with Dr. Ross Marchegiani, one of the functional medicine doctors and chiropractors at THWC. Dr. Ross got his DC in 2018. During that time he knew about functional medicine and wanted to incorporate it into his training. He was also working towards his masters in nutrition all at the same time. He found THWC through researching the big names in functional medicine and finding that “Dr. Turnpaugh” kept popping up. He reached out, met up with Dr. Turnpaugh and has been with THWC ever since.

Dr. Ross was always an athlete growing up, allowing him to understand the importance of exercise. He uses this to help his patients incorporate it into their lifestyles. As a teenager, Dr. Ross noticed that he had some OCD tendencies. To fix this, he immediately went to correcting his nutrition. He ate a low inflammatory diet and noticed that in a matter of about 6 months he wasn’t suffering from these OCD tendencies anymore. For this reason, he always starts with diet when addressing his patients’ health concerns. Dr. Ross talks about the importance of metabolic flexibility and how he uses intermittent fasting to keep metabolic flexibility strong for both himself and for patients. He spends a lot of time with them, discussing how and when they eat, no matter what their health background is. Dr. Ross sees hope and love as two of the biggest things he can offer to patients. Many of them have been turned away from other doctors and told there’s nothing that can be done for them. Dr. Ross always does everything he can to find underlying causes and dives so deep into their physiology until he finds the underlying cause. For example, chronic Lyme disease commonly leads to immune dysregulation which can may, in turn, lead to a variety of other conditions. If the patient doesn’t regulate their Lyme, their other conditions may never be taken care of either. This is why it is so important to find the real root cause of the problem.

Not only does Dr. Ross practice and utilize functional medicine, but he also does chiropractic care in order to support the nervous system. Dr. Ross loves to introduce his patients to other services offered at THWC as well, such as IV Therapy and HBOT. By doing so, he ensures his patients are taking advantage of every opportunity they have to help them achieve their optimal health. It’s always multiple aspects that make up a healthy individual, each of which can be addressed in several ways. Dr. Ross is passionate about educating his patients and making sure they understand not only what changes they need to make to obtain health, but also why they are making these changes. He also educates the general public on YouTube, he truly just wants everyone to be able to get credible knowledge to make informed health decisions. He takes the time to do all of the research and recording himself because he loves to help people learn and find answers. Another topic Dr. Ross really loves discussing is adrenal downregulation. In standard medicine, adrenal fatigue is frequently not recognized. Adrenal fatigue can present itself through constantly having low energy, unproportionable weight gains, depression and anxiety, and brain fog. The adrenals can be tied into so many other body systems, they can affect the way we digest and our brain health. The adrenal glands are responsible for producing cortisol which has an effect on many other parts of the body. This is just another reason why Dr. Ross finds it so important to not specialize in only one specific area because health concerns in one area may be caused by another, such as the adrenals. He gives all of her patients completely individualized treatment understanding that no two people are exactly alike.