Meet Dr. Ross MarchegianiFunctional Medicine Doctor, Chiropractor

“Dr. Ross is great.  He really dives into each and every case and patients love the time that he spends helping them with their health concerns.”

Dr. Ross Marchegiani is a caring and compassionate doctor whose main goal is to improve his patients; physically, mentally and emotionally. Dr. Ross received his Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition in 2018 from Northwestern Health Science, located in Bloomington, Minnesota. He began his professional studies at Springfield College in 2008, where he received his degree in Applied Exercise Science with a specialization in Strength and Conditioning and Pre-Medical studies before graduating in 2012. During these years, he spent the majority of his time at a local hospital working with bariatric and diabetic patients.

Dr. Ross grew up in North Andover, Massachusetts. He played collegiate lacrosse for 4 years while studying at Springfield College. He enjoys exercising and spending time with his wife, Stephanie, and their three cats.

  • Hormone dis-regulation studies
  • Weight loss
  • Member, ILADS
  • Masters in nutritional studies
  • Lecturer on various topics, Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, YouTube

“My husband and I have been extremely happy with the care we have received from Dr. Ross, Erin the Nutritionist and the entire Turnpaugh Staff! We have worked through several issues, always with the root cause in mind and not just a prescription. Dr. Ross is patient, thorough, kind and extremely knowledgeable! We have never felt rushed through an appointment and have felt cared for every step of the way.”

Lisa, Manheim

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