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How we helped change her life….a MUST read.

It’s been on my heart to share my testimony and journey with Turnpaugh Health and Wellness. After a long 4 year search in the medical world of symptoms no one could understand and being sent to specialist after specialist repeatedly being told your blood work looks fine your scans are fine your xrays are fine your MRIs are fine nothing is wrong I started to loose hope anyone would ever understand or listen to what my body was spiraling inside. Then a good friends said to me one day listen I hear you are you willing to travel a little and try this office? I was hesitant for no one to that point believed or listened to me. So I prayed about it and I felt the nudge what is there to loose. That nudge brought me to what would change my life…Turnpaugh Health and Wellness. From the moment I walked in the door it was beyond warm and inviting. The staff at the front desk were very pleasant. As I sat down with Dr Shannon I felt for the first time in a very long time someone listening to me,understanding me and above all believed in what I was feeling. FINALLY someone willing to go outside the box and find answers and just thst they did. The greatest blessing is everyone works together for you not just who your appt is with. They are a team helping you in anyway possible to give your health and life back. The IV therapy has become such a game changer and Nurse Tara has become like family as well as the rest of the staff. Dr. Brow, Dr Turnpaugh, And staff are always popping in to see how your doing if you have any questions and mostly are never in a rush to make you feel your case isn’t important it’s the complete opposite they are on tour team to fight your way back to health and with you every step of the way! I can’t say enough goodness that is within that center!!!! From the front desk to the Dr room,to the phlebotomist, to the IV room it’s become like your all family and nothing but positive good vibes all the way!!!!!  Thank you to Drs Shannon, Brow, Tara and the whole team!!!