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Chiropractic & Pregnancy


Low back pain in pregnancy may be caused due to increased lumbar lordosis putting pressure on the spine. As hormones increase, especially in the 2nd & 3rd trimester, the pelvis becomes hypermobile and may decrease spinal stabilization. Direct pressure on the lumbosacral nerve roots as well as a tight piriformis muscle may also be a direct cause of pain, and may lead to sciatica. 

The Webster technique is a quick technique that targets the sacrum, hips and ligaments that may be pulling on the uterus during pregnancy. The goal of this technique is to balance the pelvis in preparation for birth. Some studies show that chiropractic care during pregnancy can reduce labor times by 31%, in addition to providing a drug free approach to pain throughout pregnancy.

At Turnpaugh Health & Wellness Center, we have chiropractic tables that are specific for pregnant women that allow the pieces of the table to move downward allowing women to lay face down comfortably with plenty of belly room, in addition to pregnancy pillows that create even more comfort during the treatment. 

*This is not meant to be personal medical advice. Please consult your doctor for more information.