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We use diagnostic blood tests to test for a wide variety of illnesses and dysfunctions that traditional medical practices do not look for.   Our in-house phlebotomists have 20+ years of experience.  We typically draw labs following your initial appointment in office.

What to Expect

We send your labs along with a copy of your insurance to LabCorp if you have them drawn in office.  We  send your insurance information along so that you have the best opportunity of costs being covered.  At times, your functional medicine provider may order specialty labs.  We work diligently with these labs to provide the best fees for our patients.  If you are uninsured, we have client pricing that we can use through LabCorp to help keep costs lower.  The cost of blood work is not covered in your initial appointment fee.

Lab Draws Includes:
  • In office phlebotomy appointment


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