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Peptide therapy

Peptides are used as signaling molecules in the body, allowing the cells to communicate with each other. This allows the body to switch certain cell functions on or off.


Peptide therapy can assist your body in many ways including generating weight loss, reducing inflammation and stimulating human growth hormones which makes it useful in anti-aging therapies and increasing muscle mass.

What to Expect

You will meet with a physician who will prescribe you peptide therapy as seen fit. Once ordered the peptides take about a week to come in. Peptides are administered through subcutaneous injections. You will meet with a provider who will go over with you, in detail, how to administer subcutaneous injections. You will also be given a pamphlet to take home which outlines what subcutaneous injections are and step by step instructions on how to prepare, draw up, and inject the medication. Informational flyers about the specific peptides you are prescribed will also be provided. You will come in for follow up appointments to address any changes in medication or progress, as needed.