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LDA/LDI therapy enables your body to build a tolerance to many common allergies, such as food, pollen, mold, animals, dust, chemicals, etc., and, in turn, leads to increased immune function. This is done by injecting very low doses of a broad spectrum of allergens into your body to stimulate the production of t-cells.


LDA/LDI prevents the spreading or worsening of allergies overtime, which is unfortunately very common when allergies are not treated specifically, or are treated using only medication.

What to Expect

When scheduling an appointment for LDI or LDA, you will first see on of the providers in our office for an exam and to go over your comprehensive health history.  This appointment is followed by an LDA prep appointment with Patty.  Patty will review what to expect from your LDA appointments as well as how to best prep your immune system for this appointment.  Your LDA appointment will follow one week after your LDA prep.  Patient see maximum benefit from returning every 6-10 weeks initially.