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Functional Medicine

Functional medicine centers around the optimal functioning of the body and its organs.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine centers around the optimal functioning of the body and its organs.  Functional medicine is an evolution in medicine that better addresses and corrects underlying causes of chronic disease while working together as a team towards a goal of physical, emotional and spiritual health.  Functional medicine addresses the whole person and not just your symptoms. Each patient is unique and so we believe that your care plan should be as well.

At Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, our approach to health, especially functional medicine, is unique to our practice and has been specialized and individualized over the last 25 years of practice.  We believe in developing relationships with our patients and asking the questions that help to get to the root cause of disease and disorders.  We run complete diagnostic testing that is individualized to each patient.  The providers at THWC take the time to explain to patients what our findings are and then work together to develop a care plan.

The rest of my health was addressed beautifully

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"I was brand new to the area when I came across this practice. I had lived in Maryland for 30 + years, so changing practices was scary. I take my health very seriously and knew I wanted a functional practice as opposed to a traditional one. Going to Dr. Ross and Turnpaugh Health and Wellness was the best decision I have ever made. I am a neurological Lyme patient and Dr. Ross was a god-send with his treatment style and how detail oriented he was with my care. I recovered from my third Lyme battle much faster than anticipated due to (what I felt) was his cutting edge suggestions and knowledge of the disease. The rest of my health was addressed beautifully and I have never felt better! I work at Whole Foods Market and am happy to say that I get the opportunity to recommend Dr. Ross and this practice multiple times per week to co-workers and customers. The rest of the staff is just as wonderful and I could not be more thrilled to have found them all. "Tierni E

Benefits of Functional Medicine

By addressing your illness at its core you are given more than temporary relief from symptoms, instead, we offer a lifetime of wellness.  Functional medicine is patient-centered care which addresses a patient’s environment, genetics, physiology, mental health and how these factors works together.  Our patients often tell us that they have been to more than ten providers who look at each symptom as being unique instead of our approach which is the understanding that the entire body works together.  The ultimate goal of functional medicine is that you lab numbers improve and that your health improves as well.

Functional Medicine New Patient Includes:
  • One hour consultation with FM Doctor
  • 45 minutes with nutrition health coach
  • One hour follow up with FM Doctor
  • 30 minutes with the nutrition team


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Nothing but positive things to say about this practice!

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"The entire team at Turnpaugh is so thoughtful and attentive and caring! My first inquiring phone call (which I believe was with Erin) left me feeling so encouraged and seen when I was practically in tears and felt so defeated waking up with full body hives everyday and struggling with anxiety. I could tell this practice would be one who truly listened. I began seeing Dr. Ross in July 2020 and here I am in November 2020 completely hive free and off all the daily OTC medication I was taking. I so appreciate that he used natural supplements to boost my immune system, and that he looked into my hormone and adrenal levels to find root causes. Nothing but positive things to say about this practice!"Marisa