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February 20, 2020Amy Montgomery’s Determination to be the Best | Turnpaugh Talks Episode 3

February 13, 2020CRNP Cassandra Haddad Finds a Better Way | Turnpaugh Talks Episode 2

February 12, 2020The Hand of Health by Dr. Chris Turnpaugh

February 7, 2020Welcome to The Turnpaugh Talks Podcast!

January 30, 2020Dr. Turnpaugh talking about the ketogenic diet

January 27, 2020Watch our YouTube channel

January 27, 2020Meet Dr. Turnpaugh

January 25, 2020Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center Alzheimer’s Talk 2019

January 24, 2020Dr. Ross’ Adrenal Health Talk at Spooky Nook

January 24, 2020“Meet Tara” A Podcast with Dr. Turnpaugh and Tara, IV Infusion Nurse at THWC