We understand that this is a hectic time for many and we would like to share what we are doing as a practice.


We are encouraging all of our patients and our team to practice impeccable hygiene; hand washing, not touching your face, staying at a minimum of six feet from others, minimizing travel and following the CDC guidelines as outlined at CDC.GOV.


We have encouraged many of our staff to work from home if that works for their positions within the company. We are however still open for patients who despite COVID-19, have other conditions that they are working on within our offices. We are continuing to clean our offices per guidelines, wash our hands and encourage those coming into the office to do the same.  We all wear masks, have installed plexiglass shields, clean hourly and ask that you wear a mask when entering our office to protect our essential members of our team who are still in the office.

If you have been traveling to a foreign country affected by Coronavirus or if you have signs or symptoms, please call ahead before coming in. If you are anxious about waiting in the waiting room, you are welcome to call from the parking lot and check in and return to your car and we will call you when we are ready. We can also check you out in the exam room so that you can leave through our back door if that makes you feel more comfortable.


Telemedicine is a wonderful option for those of you who wish to not physically come into the office. If you have an upcoming appointment and would like to transition this to a telemedicine appointment, please call either of our offices and we will be happy to make that switch and send you the link. The telemedicine link is When you log onto the telemed portal, use the drop down to find your provider. Additionally, if you are in an at-risk group, we can also set up a phone consultation.


Most of the inquiries from patients and our community have been about “What else could I be doing?” This is a statement from Dr. Turnpaugh…

“The first thing that I would do is make sure to follow CDC hygiene guidelines which are maintaining a proper distance from people, staying at home if you are sick or feel any sort of cough, fever, chills or respiratory distress. We cannot stress enough proper hand washing and not touching your face or eyes. From an immune perspective whether it’s COVID-19 or anytime of the year, start with a healthy immune system! My family is taking what we always take: zinc, vitamin D, vitamin C, NAC, multi vitamins, some sort of Turmeric-Curmumin (we take Curcumin T or Turmero caps), AR Guard and now we have added antiviral support. I made a video this week on facebook talking about some of those options. Most of all I recommend breathing and meditation to help with anxiety and stress. Magnesium or CBD products at bedtime or during anxious times can be helpful as well. If you are healthy enough to come into either office, IV therapy is a huge benefit, especially the Immune or Immune plus IV with extra vitamin C for immune support. Please do not hesitate to contact us if there is any additional that we can do to help you or your families. I hope you all stay healthy.”

We will remain open for you and available by telemedicine even in the event of a mandatory closure. If you need any supplements, please visit the webstore and if we can help with anything else, please email, call Mechanicsburg at 717-795-9566 or Manheim at 717-879-9899