Lyme Disease and co-infections

Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bacterium borrelia burgdorferu that is most commonly transmitted to humans by the deer tick. There are several co-infections associated with Lyme disease, the most common are babesiosis and bartonellosis. Lyme disease may affect the joints, immune system, cardiovascular system, and the central nervous system.

How We Can Help

Lyme disease is one of the hardest conditions to diagnose and treat. Standard testing lacks sensitivity for early and late infections of this disease. For this reason, we run extensive tests that go far beyond the standard testing protocols. All of our functional medicine doctors specialize in diagnosing and treating this condition by focusing on the health of the host, rather than addressing each symptom individually.


Please watch Dr. Turnpaugh speaking about Lyme disease with PA Lyme.  We regularly host talks and discussions regarding Lyme disease especially because of the prevalence of this disease in Central PA.

What to Expect

You will fill out an intake form before even having an appointment so our doctors can evaluate whether or not they believe Lyme disease is the cause of your current health issues, if you have not yet been diagnosed. During your initial appointment, your functional medicine provider will go over a detailed health history and discuss any current symptoms you are having. They will order extensive lab tests to be run so they can evaluate what the next steps should be and create an individualized health care plan just for you. They will proceed to address your illness with supplementation and nutritional advice as well as any other treatment methods they believe will be beneficial to you, individually, depending on your current symptoms and severity of the case. You will also meet with a health coach to go over any nutritional and dietary changes, and a clinical psychologist to address any emotional or mental concerns.