Gastrointestinal Disorders

Your GI tract is made up of multiple organs, including the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, and anus. Any disease that relates to these organs is considered a gastrointestinal disorder. We address a multitude of IB diseases, such Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Diverticulitis, and Diverticulosis, as well as other conditions, including Hirschsprung’s Disease, Peptic Ulcers, and more.

How We Can Help

Our approach is to look for any trigger that has created an imbalance in the GI tract. This could be allergies, mold, infections, viruses, heavy metals, etc. We will carefully analyze for any triggers and start by removing or reducing these triggers. We look to maximize your body’s physiology by supporting any insufficiencies or deficiencies found on laboratory testing.

What to Expect

During your initial appointment, your functional medicine provider will go over a detailed health history and discuss any current symptoms you are having. They will order extensive lab tests to be run so they can evaluate what the next steps should be and create an individualized health care plan just for you. They will proceed to address your illness with supplementation and nutritional advice as well as any other treatment methods they believe will be beneficial to you, individually, depending on your current symptoms and severity of the case. You will also meet with a health coach to go over any nutritional and dietary changes, and a clinical psychologist to address any emotional or mental concerns.

Thank you Dr. Smith


"In 2014 I was diagnosed with Graves' disease by my family physician. At the same time I was seeing an ear, nose and throat doctor because I was having problems with my throat. Upon diagnosis, I was sent to an endocrinologist. I was given medication to try and regulate the hormone levels. I was losing my hair and could get no help. I tried another endocrinologist, who did at least stop my hair from falling out, but my hormone levels continued to be out of control. Both the endocrinologist and the ENT decided that it would be best to remove my thyroid rather than irradiate it because there was now eye involvement. Still my hormone levels were out of control. So I went to one last endocrinologist. Still no help for exhaustion and weight gain. A friend of mine and also a total stranger encouraged me to make an appointment with Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center. I am now under the care of Dr. Regina Smith. After much testing and sincerely listening to my symptoms, I am now on the road to much better health and a much better quality of life. I cannot say enough good about the care I have received from Dr. Smith."Paula C.