Chronic Fatigue (I don’t feel good-itis)

Chronic fatigue is one of the main reasons that people stumble upon functional medicine when previously unfamiliar with this new type of care.  Often, people don’t even know what it’s like to feel GREAT or to be pain free.  We believe in not just treating and eliminating disease but also increasing the health of the host.

How We Can Help

Chronic fatigue can derive from a wide variety of health conditions and external factors. Our goal is to find the root cause of your current condition. Through laboratory testing we will find what is causing you to feel this way and will use a team approach to put together an individualized health care plan that will help you combat your chronic fatigue.

What to Expect

You will go over a detailed health history with your Functional Medicine provider and have blood work done to identify any insufficiencies and/or potential deficiencies in your physiology. An assessment of your diet, your sleep, your exercise patterns, your intolerances to stress, and your environmental toxins will all be addressed as well. This will all be followed up at your second visit where your functional medicine provider will spend an hour customizing your individualized care plan. You will also have a 30 minute appointment with the health coach to review and support you through any dietary changes. Additionally, you will meet with the functional psychologist to discuss the stressors and emotional components to your health care plan. In addition to these appointments, your team will work together to make any recommendations as to what other treatments may be beneficial to you.