An Athlete, a Chef, & a Phenomenal Doctor, John Brow Does it All | Turnpaugh Talks Ep. 6

In this episode of Turnpaugh Talks, Dr. Turnpaugh sits down with one of the functional medicine doctors and chiropractors at Turnpaugh Health and Wellness Center, Dr. John Brow. Dr. Brow was born and raised in New Jersey where he had his first experience with a chiropractor. His dad was hurt at the time and walked into a chiropractic office hunched over and in pain. About a half hour later, much to 10-year-old Dr. Brow’s surprise, he walked out standing up-right and pain free. The next time his dad went to the chiropractor, Dr. Brow went with him and sat in the room in an attempt to understand how this man made his dad feel so much better in just 30 minutes. From that point on, he knew he wanted to be a chiropractor.

Dr. Brow never stops learning to help his patients. He did a rehabilitation program for about 3 years where he learned a lot about physical therapy and functional movement. He also went through a functional neurology program, which typically takes three years, in just about one year. He did a sub-specialty within this program for childhood developmental disorders. Dr. Brow learned how to support neuro-atypical children who didn’t necessarily fit into a box of ADD, ADHD, autism, etc. Dr. Brow is so great with children. No matter what their behavior is, they’re never too much trouble for him. He assures the parents that their child is not a problem and tells them they’re in this together now, he will be there to support them every step of the way.

After completing this functional neurology program and passing an extremely difficult exam, Dr. Brow added the functional medicine piece to his training and became a specialist in clinical nutrition. Finally, he went on to get his Registered Nursing (RN) degree and is currently working towards becoming a nurse practitioner. He applies everything he has learned on a day to day basis at THWC. When Dr. Brow switched to this practice, he felt less confined to a the silos that his individual trainings put him in. He can have conversations with Dr. Turnpaugh and other providers to bounce ideas and thoughts off of each other. They work together to solve tough cases. Dr. Brow loves that every day is a challenge and a new experience.

Dr. Brow sees patients of all ages, all backgrounds, and all health concerns. For example, he recently adjusted a baby, less than a year old, to help with her chronic ear infections and then saw her mom for her anxiety right afterwards. He did a full work-up and lab work on the mom. He changed her diet, added some supplementation, and sent her to see the functional therapist at THWC, Dr. Panattoni. Every patient has a different experience. Dr. Brow loves having the ability to utilize other services and practitioners at THWC. He frequently sends patients to get an IV, or try HBOT, or to see the functional therapist, the health coach, or the massage therapist. He wants his patients to take advantage of every opportunity they have to get better.

Dr. Brow has played ice hockey since he was six years old. He has seen many concussions in his day. He treats them a little different than a modern medicine doctor typically would. He runs detailed tests on them, recommends the use of anti-inflammatory supplements, and sends them for at least 2-3 HBOT sessions. All of this is to decrease the inflammation in the brain, which is essentially what a concussion is. On top of this, Dr. Brow focuses a lot on eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Certain inflammatory foods, such as gluten and foods high in sugar, cause brain inflammation. This makes it so much easier for people who eat these foods to get a concussion.

In addition to being an athlete, Dr. Brow is an incredible chef. He has no professional training but, despite incorporating dietary restrictions into his cooking, his food is delicious. He learned how to cook just by doing. He tests food on his family and if they don’t like it, he tweaks it a little. There are always alternative ingredients to make a meal fit your diet. Sharing recipes is such an important and wonderful piece that the community at THWC brings to the table.

Dr. Brow has an interest in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy for athletes. Athletes are injury prone, but if these injuries are treated effectively and immediately, they may not be an issue later in life. For example, if we can give someone stem cell therapy when they’re 20 maybe they won’t need a hip replacement, that they otherwise would have needed, when they’re 50. Dr. Brow really practices everything he preaches which keeps him fit and healthy and helps him age gracefully. Dr. Brow will never tell a patient to do something that he or his family has not done themselves.